Bespoke Designs


   Minimum order: 1000pcs

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Our interactive KREATE-A-BOX 3D tool allows you to easily spin, view, build, and customise products to your specification. This means adding key features and revising attributes like colour, texture and configuration, as well as incorporating your logo in real-time. At Finer Packaging we have enhanced the shopping experience by giving you unprecedented control and an in-depth visual over the design of your jewellery box. Our aim is to offer you the complete package solution.
SPEED: Our 3D configurator interface is optimised to run well on desktop, mobile or tablet. Although the module when initially opening, is fairly heavy, once loaded it will switch between each box model, within seconds.

YOUR STORY: By way of personalising your packaging, you are advertising your corporate identity, helping to promote your products, and in turn encouraging further sales. The display of attractive and exciting packaging plays a vital role in the successes of your sales effort. It not only presents the jewellery, it promotes it as well.

HOW-TO-USE: Our 3D module is straightforward and easy to use. We have made its functions simple to understand and easy to navigate. (A FAQ and User Guide are under construction and will be available very soon.)